Grespania Coverlam Large Tile

Grespania Coverlam Large Tiles.

We offer one of the largest collections of Grespania Coverlam tiles which are large-format tiles. The design of these large format tiles are in thickness of 3.5mm and 5.6mm which still retain the properties of high strength and durability. The Coverlam large-format tiles are now being used in the creation and execution of striking projects in cladding the external facades. The Grespania Coverlam tiles are not just used for cladding though, they are suitable for feature walls internally and work very well in a shower as quite often are the perfect size to use just one or two sheets. Large Format tiles are great for emitting many grout lines. Coverlam has continued to develop its large tile product offerings, incorporating exclusive new thickness for countertops such as 10.5mm, 12mm and 20mm. With these new thicknesses it boosts their strength and allows this beautiful product for kitchen countertops and surfaces where extra strength is needed. Looking for a different style of tile? Take a look at our other tile ranges and pop into one of our showrooms today to speak to one of our team.

Grespania Coverlam Large Tile Collection

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