Bathroom Tiles

Create a luxury bathroom that you can unwind in by introducing some stylish new tiles. From stunning Marble effect pattern tiles for the floors, through to industrial looks for the walls and floors.

If you are planning a new bathroom design, make sure you read this post before making any decisions! We have also helpfully included some tips to ensure you are well informed before you begin your tile search. 



Wall and Floor Tiles


Are you struggling to decide on whether or not to have the same wall and floor tiles in your bathroom? We help customers make this decision all the time, so here are some of our basic pointers.


It all comes down to your overall desired ‘feel’. Do you want an open, airy bathroom? Maybe you’re more of a cosy, dark and moody kind of person? Or perhaps your style is fun and quirky? 


In general, using the same light-coloured tiles on the walls and floors of your bathroom can help a small room to feel more spacious. If you opt for dark tiles, you might not get that false sense of space but instead you will create an ultra-modern minimalist look. 


TOP TIP: consider using the same tile in the same size on your walls and floors for a modern, minimalist look.




Feature Walls


Do you want a feature wall or section in your bathroom? Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds to create endless options for this! Whether you’re looking for brick-style tiles, 3D textured tiles or large-format panels, we can help you to find the perfect feature tile to tie your bathroom design together. 


If you want an easy-on-the-eye look with a feature wall, we offer tile ranges to include matching floor, wall and feature wall tiles. Alternatively we have stand-alone feature tiles such as our best-selling Handmade 30 x 7.5cm tiles, decorative tiles to add a pop of pattern and colour, wood effect porcelain and various large, 3D tiles.


We also pride ourselves on having the most extensive range of decorative and patterned tiles in the UK, and we can perfectly match them to other colours and elements so you don’t have to.


TOP TIP: instead of a feature wall, you can create a feature floor with one of our decorative tiles from our extensive collection. 




Large Format Tiles


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “my room is too small for large format tiles”. In fact, because large format tiles mean less grout joints, they can help smaller spaces to feel more spacious and luxurious. 


Large format refers to tiles in sizes from 75 x 75cm up.We sell a wide variety of large format porcelain tiles in sizes up to 120 x 360cm, all of which are perfect for bathrooms as they are waterproof, super easy to clean (use bleach if you like) and more tile means less grout joints to clean. Winner!


TOP TIP: if you don’t want grout joints in the shower, check out our collection of Coverlam porcelain sheets.


 Large tiles by coverlam for bathroom tiles


Luxury Tiles


Have you been spending more time on Instagram and Pinterest during lockdown, seeing some luxurious, spa-style bathrooms and wishing they were yours? We hand-select every tile we sell from the world’s leading manufacturers, to ensure that we can provide our clients with the most luxurious, on-trend tiles at affordable prices.


We regularly welcome new tiles into our showroom to ensure we remain at the forefront of design trends. We can help you to create your dream luxury bathroom to suit your style. Check out our new Savannah range if your style is more quirky and eclectic, or our Sherwood wood effect range for a Scandi vibe.  


TOP TIP: Speak to our In-House Designer to discuss how the latest luxury tile and interior design trends can work for you.




Introducing Antibacterial, Self-Cleaning Tiles


Grespania have a range of extra-special tiles – H&C Tiles - which boast a titanium dioxide coating, reducing pollution and providing antibacterial properties.


When these special tiles are used externally, they react with ultraviolet rays to generate active oxygen. This reaction breaks down dirt, and as a result of the hydrophilic properties of the tiles, water spreads over them easily – meaning every time it rains, all the dirt simply washes away. 


When used internally, the titanium dioxide coating provides odour-elimination and antibacterial qualities. This makes them perfect not only for your bathroom, but also for commercial buildings such as health centres, hospitals and gyms.


Whilst this treatment can be provided for Grespania’sother tile ranges (dependant on tile choice and quantity) check out our Meteor tile rangewhich comes with this coating as standard.


TOP TIP: use our Rocatex C-10 Ultimate Grout Sealer to protect your grout from stains and limescale.


We have lots of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes available for creating your new bathroom. Tiles are best in a bathroom due to high-humidity areas, porcelain tiles absorb less than 0.5% of water so are the best tile for bathrooms, saunas, spas or swimming pools. Ceramic tiles are also used. Bathroom tiles can be used for feature walls or floors. La Fabrico Tile design team can help marry up the different designs and shades to make you dream bathroom. Bathroom feature tiles can be used on shower walls, behind a bath or on a full wall to help create a large impact of a design or colour. Bathroom floors have recently become the latest design by creating a pattern with our decorative tile and matching with our handmade wall tiles. Again our team can help guide you though and help with the installation. Whether you’re looking for practical bathroom or a stylish shower, you can shop our diverse range of bathroom tiles to find the tile that will help you make your bathroom your own, exploring different colour combinations and finishes to complete the look you require. With such a huge selection on offer, you can achieve everything from minimalist, contemporary to rustic and homely looks with ease.

The latest tile trend in bathrooms are large tiles as big as 3 x 1 meters. These large tiles are being installed into bathroom showers so less grout joints will show. We supply Grespaina Coverlam and Marazzi Grande. Please contact us for this specialist tiles.

Fancy a quirky bathroom? We have hexagonal tiles, futuristic chevron tiles, narrow bathroom border tiles, a full selection of rainbow coloured tiles and some completely unique shapes, and small handmade rectangular tiles, we can also make a herringbone pattern.

pattern tiles

Patterned Tiles

The majority of our patterned tiles are porcelain, which means they are the most durable tile material and can be used on walls, floors, steps, sills, inside, outside, and require very little maintenance, as they are stain and chemical resistant.

In residential designs, we have most commonly seen them used on entire floor areas of hallways, porches, kitchens and bathrooms. They are also popular choices for feature walls, feature sections, kitchen backsplashes and bathtub panelling.

In commercial designs these tiles are popular choices for WC floors and walls, counter/kitchen island tiling, stair risers, hotel lobbies and hotel en-suites.

 bathroom tiles by saloni

Large Format Tiles

We can supply over 65 different large format tile designs,  not including the options of large format marble effect book match – so honestly, there’s definitely something to suit your unique taste here at La Fabrico!

What is a Large Format Tile?

The term ‘large format tile’ refers to tiles from 80x80cm upwards. At La Fabrico we offer multiple options of large format tile choices from 80x80cm right up to an extraordinary 162x324cm. These include 80x80cm and 90x90cm tiles from our standard ranges, as well as specialist products from Coverlam and Marazzi Grande. These two product ranges also offer fabrication in the same pattern, for a truly minimal, contemporary design flow.

How do I choose a tile?


The most important thing to remember here is that if it is for yourself, choose what YOU want. Too often we get customers who end up choosing a ‘safe’ option which they do not necessarily love, simply because they are worried about fashions and potential future house buyers. However, remember that at this moment in time you’re the one spending money on your home - you need to choose what you really love! Do not worry – we do not expect you to come in with the knowledge of exactly what you want. We are on-hand to offer ideas, options and advice on your projects – taking (the majority of) the stress out of the process for you


Add Value To Your Home.

Having a tiled kitchen and bathroom is a great starting point to increase the value of your home – even if you don’t tile anywhere else such as hallways and living rooms, having tiled bathrooms and kitchens is enough to add value to your property.


We offer an entirely free Interior Design Service where we can help you not only in choosing your tiles, but also in matching all of your elements together in creating a truly wonderful design! Do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiries:


Extra large floor tiles are perfect for achieving a sleek and understated floor design. Larger tiles give more space for the tiles’ surfaces to stand out without interruption, showing off their natural colours and patterns.

For homeowners looking to switch up their walls and floors, our stunning range of extra large floor tiles will be ideal. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or updating your hallway design, this stylish and practical tile type can transform any room and add bags of character to your home aesthetic. There are a great number of benefits extra large floor tiles offer beyond their gorgeous appearance, which is why they’re so popular with interior designers and architects.

Create the illusion of space with large tiles

When it comes to decorating a small space in your home, it can be difficult to prevent the room feeling cramped or claustrophobic. One way to combat this is by using extra large floor tiles to create the illusion of more space. Thanks to a smaller number of grout lines between tiles, the room will instantly feel less cluttered and more airy than it would if you had chosen wooden planks or smaller tiles. Combined with other interior design hacks like a tactical colour palette and carefully placed mirrors, you can make a previously cramped space seem infinitely larger.

Add a sense of luxury to your home with large tiles

Whether you like a classic, rustic theme or you prefer minimal interiors, it’s plain to see how luxurious extra large floor tiles can make a room look - and, with a wide range of different styles available from Tiles Direct, any space can benefit from this added sense of opulence. In areas like hallways, large, marble-effect tiles can make for an elegant addition that not only visibly widens the space, but injects class and character into it, too. For your kitchen, large, super white floor tiles can work harmoniously with black wall tiles to create the ultimate modern, monochrome aesthetic.

With finishes ranging from sleek matt to refined gloss, our range of stylish extra large floor tiles offer a luxury aesthetic for every kind of interior approach, meaning you can achieve an unrivalled opulence in each and every room.

Large tiles are suitable for any room in the house

From a brand-new bathroom to a cosy conservatory, these tiles fit right at home in any room of the house. This makes them perfect for creating a cohesive visual theme throughout your interior, and means they’re well-suited to open-plan layouts.

In the bathroom - For a timeless, whitewashed look in your bathroom, installing large white bathroom tiles can provide a great base layer to build upon with colourful accents. What’s more, with durable and slip-resistant qualities, our extra large floor tiles not only provide a stylish bathroom flooring solution, but a practical one too.

In conservatories and hallways - A large, wood-effect floor tile in a warm shade will deliver pure class without the premium price tag, looking right at home in any conservatory. Alternatively, opt for patterned extra large floor tiles in entrance halls - not only will these brighten up your space, but they’ll also effortlessly withstand the natural wear and tear of muddy shoes and persistent foot traffic.

In kitchens - As one of the busiest rooms of the home, your kitchen flooring needs to be resilient and easy to clean, making all our extra large floor tiles an ideal option. Additionally, the large surface area of these tiles will really emphasise the spaciousness of an open-plan design, while functionally complementing increasingly popular underfloor heating features.

Great for shops, offices and restaurants

Extra large floor tiles also look impressive in shops, office and restaurants, allowing you to cover a large surface area quicker and more cost-effectively than you could with smaller tile sizes or flooring types. Furthermore, all of our range boasts a refined set of qualities that make them perfect for commercial environments that are subject to high-levels of footfall :

Durable - Our hard-wearing XL format tiles are able to withstand most impact without any damage, making them perfect for regularly busy spaces

Water and stain resistant - Resistant to both water and stains, you can rest assured that the practical and aesthetic qualities of our extra large floor tiles will remain unaffected regardless if they’re being used in commercial toilets or restaurant floors

Easy maintenance - Requiring nothing more than a simple sweep, mop or wipe down to be restored to their original high-quality, our entire range is quick and easy to clean to ensure an efficient and seamless clean-down for any commercial space

Scratch resistant - Thanks to their refined durability, our extra large floor tiles are scratch resistant - meaning they’ll continue to look their best for years to come

Versatility - With a wide range of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find an XL large format tile that can be seamlessly incorporated into your commercial space’s interior aesthetic. Furthermore, our XL format tiles can even be used on walls for a contemporary urban style fit for everything from modern offices to sleek, state-of-the-art retail stores

Whether you’re an office architect drawing up new design plans or a restaurateur hunting for the perfect front-of-house flooring, our range of tiles are both stylish and practical - so find your flooring match online today.

Our online catalogue of extra large floor tiles makes it easy to find a style that suits your space. From cement-look to rustic wood-effect, our large wall tiles and floor tiles are an ideal, cost-effective way to bring character and appeal into a room.

Large Format Tile Companies we work with: Spanish Grespania Coverlam and Italain Marazzi Grande.

Minimal Grout Joints let’s start with the greatest point! Lots of grout joints can make a room look too busy as your eyes dart around the place trying to take it all in. With larger tiles, your backdrop becomes calmer and easier on the eye; they also create space.

Overlay Existing Tiles – although large format is the perfect choice for new buildings, their thinness also makes them perfect for overlaying existing tiles.

They are Hygienic – thanks to porcelain’s non-porous properties, a porcelain surface remains hygienic. This makes it not only a desirable option but also a perfect option for hospitals and medical facilities.

They are Fire and Heat Resistant – yes, this means you can have one of those ultra-modern, feature fireplaces you see in the beautiful home magazines!

It also means they do not retain heat if you are using in a hot climate.

They are Frost and UV Resistant – making them ideal for external cladding. Worldwide commercial projects are opting for porcelain cladding due to its properties and low maintenance.

They are Lightweight – our Coverlam and Marazzi Grande ranges are ultra-thin with thicknesses from 2.5 - 5mm! This makes them easier to handle and install, but do not worry about them being so thin! They also possess flexural strength.

They are Water Resistant – giving you the ability to create stunning, minimal bathroom and wet room designs. They are also perfect for external flooring, particularly around the hotel poolside.

They are Stain Resistant – so no need to worry about using these tiles in kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms – or anywhere for that matter! Simple wipe spills away, because…

They are Also Chemical Resistant – hoorah! Everyday cleaning products, even bleach, can be used on these tiles without compromising their quality.

Big tiles does not mean big maintenance!

They are Durable or Wear Resistant – so there is no question as to why they are popular for not only hallways, foyers and hotels, but also for whole-house tiling. High traffic areas are not an issue for these tiles (in fact, it’s what they’re made for.)

They are Hygienic – thanks to porcelain’s non-porous properties, a porcelain surface remains hygienic. This makes it not only a desirable option but also a perfect option for hospitals and medical facilities.

They are Environmentally Friendly – porcelain is environmentally friendly to manufacture and its raw materials are recyclable. Clay, flint and silica are natural products and are sustainable. Yes, porcelain tiles can also be recycled.

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