Bedroom Tiles

There has been an undeniable increase of tile use in bedrooms – and before you say to yourself “well, bedroom tiles can’t be justified in our climate”, you might like to know that La Fabrico’s tiles have been used in bedrooms both at home in the UK and abroad!


Considering the latest interior design trends of minimalism, open plan living and seamless design flow, it isn’t a surprise to hear that more and more people are choosing to tile all of their floors (and the walls!)



Why Not Keep to Carpet? 


For a start, tiled floors won’t stain (if they’re porcelain) which is fantastic for those of us with copious amounts of make up and skincare products which sometimes skydive onto the floor! Plus, porcelain tiles are super easy to clean as they are chemical resistant - so if you do end up spilling something, you can remove it with any cleaning product you like! They are also so durable that once installed, your porcelain tiles won’t ever need replacing. 


If you are designing a bedroom in a hot climate, tiles are perfect for the floor as they help to keep the room cool. In colder climates, such as ours here in England, underfloor heating or rugs provide the warmth underfoot that we so long for.



How Do I Choose a Bedroom Tile?


Here’s a top interior design tip for choosing your bedroom flooring – consider what’s on the other side of the door.


If you are entering your bedroom from a hallway, and have you have an en-suite, these floorings need to taken in account. You want to choose a bedroom floor tile which softly blends with the other floors to create a soft, relaxing space. You can even use the same tile that’s in your hallway or en-suite to create a seamless design flow.


Matt and polished tiles are both suitable for use in the bedroom, but bear in mind that the glaze on polished tiles may become slightly marked if you are moving large items of furniture on top of it.


For inspiration on how to use tiles in your bedroom, check out our Pinterest board here:


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