Improve Your Home Value

 First impressions always count, but so do second impressions! 

When it comes to viewing a potential new home, beautiful interiors really create a positive atmosphere leading to a fantastic first impression. 

However, imagine returning for a second viewing where you look beyond the ‘pretty’ surface and consider the quality of the house, to discover that the carpet is in fact stained in several places or that the wallpaper is actually quite faded. You soon realise that whilst first impressions were positive, you will soon have a major DIY project on your hands.


As a seller, you can increase the value of your home and potential for a quick sale by ensuring hygienic and durable coverings for your walls and floors. Imagine viewing a home and finding out that, unless you want to, you will not have to change the flooring – ever! Well, what if we told you that this could be achieved with tiles? They can last a lifetime!


Having a tiled kitchen and bathroom is a great starting point – even if you don’t tile anywhere else such as hallways and living rooms, having tiled bathrooms and kitchens is enough to add value to your property.


Whether you are renovating a house to resell or just need to provide a quick refresh before putting your home on the market, having scratch-resistant, heat resistant, water resistant, chemical resistant and recyclable floors and walls is much more attractive than carpets, paints and wallpapers which will have to be replaced – regardless of their age.


When it comes to choosing the tiles, porcelain is not only the most durable tile material, but also the most durable wall and floor covering option and requires the least maintenance. We have a huge variety of tiles to suit every budget, but we do not compromise on quality. You can be assured that we handpick each and every tile in our showroom direct from industry-leading manufacturers.


If you need some ideas, our Pinterest page is overflowing with tiling inspiration: or alternatively you can book a free Interior Design Consultation with us today!

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