Patterned Tiles

There’s no denying that the use of patterned tiles both commercially and residentially is on the rise! With so many options of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns, these tiles allow for true creative expression – walls and floors are no longer “to be seen and not heard”; they are now very much an extension of one’s personality and creative vision.

Where can I use them? 

The majority of our patterned tiles are porcelain, which means they are the most durable tile material and can be used on walls, floors, steps, sills, inside, outside, and require very little maintenance, as they are stain and chemical resistant.

In residential designs, we have most commonly seen them used on entire floor areas of hallways, porches, kitchens and bathrooms. They are also popular choices for feature walls, feature sections, kitchen backsplashes and bathtub panelling. 

In commercial designs these tiles are popular choices for WC floors and walls, counter/kitchen island tiling, stair risers, hotel lobbies and hotel en-suites. 

Extra-Creative Ideas

Patterned tiles have quickly become big players in the industry as they allow the user to become more creative with their spaces; so it makes complete sense to use them in creative ways! Here are some of our favourite tiling techniques with patterned tiles…

Rug Effect: Our favourite way to use patterned tiles on floors is to create a ‘rug effect’. This is exactly how it sounds! You can use patterned tiles to create a rectangular shape, and border it with plain tiles (we have base colours to match!) So it looks just like a rug, but permanent! This has been done underneath dining tables, kitchen islands, coffee tables, hallways and in the centre of large spaces. The benefits include it being extremely durable and easy to clean (fantastic for those Friday night wine spills), and the final design will be unique to you. Also, don’t worry about the lack of warmth as underfloor heating will take the chill off your toes!

Flowing Shapes: This is a popular and extremely effective choice for using patterned tiles on floors. The most commonly practiced technique is to use patterned hexagon tiles on an area, then begin to use them sporadically as you near the edge of the area and integrate them into wood effect tiles. You can have a play around with shapes and materials but as always, we would suggest porcelain as it’s so super easy to keep! 

This idea adds so much interest to your floor and can be varied to work with modern and contemporary designs as well as Mediterranean and rustic. Why not add another layer by using this technique for your ‘rug effect’ floor area? 

Fake Headboard: One for the walls! Whole-house tiling is becoming increasingly popular now, and by whole-house that does indeed include bedrooms. You can either tile your entire room with a patterned section in place of a headboard, or you can paint your walls and use your choice of patterned tiles to create a fake headboard on the wall, bordered with a tile trim. 

Stair Rises: Tiling your outdoor stair rises is a truly beautiful idea! You can add colour, pattern and interest to your outdoor steps by using patterned tiles on the rises, matched with a plain tile on the steps and pathway/patio. With such a variety of patterns, colours and sizes available, there really is a patterned tile to suit every design and personality. 


Mix and/or Match: You may have seen many different options of patterned tiles around, and you may have noticed that some are sold as a single-face tile (which creates a larger pattern when used on mass) and others are sold as part of a mix (many different design faces which don’t link together.) There’s no right or wrong option when it comes to choosing, just personal taste! Mixes tend to offer more of a Moroccan vibe, and are the most popular choices for small feature areas such as backsplashes and the aforementioned ‘rug’, whereas the single-face designs are well suited to large areas.  However, we have seen mixes used on large floor areas and single-face designs in small areas and they look just as remarkable! It really depends on your overall design plans and personal taste. 

How do I match a patterned, coloured tile with other elements?

The interior design phrase “mix, don’t match” screams out loud here. It can be seriously tricky to match the colour of one tile to the colour of another tile (for example, do not pick a patterned tile with a ‘white’ background unless it comes with a matching ‘white’ base tile; Why? Because trying to match shades of white is like finding a needle in a haystack!) Instead, pick out another colour and go with that. For a great example, a grey wood effect tile would match perfectly with a patterned tile that has varying shades of grey in it – take our Riviera Menton Green decorative tile and our Interni Rigato Fumo wood effect.

 Again, don’t try to match one exact grey as there are so, so, many. You can bridge colours too – this means if you have a tile consisting of whites, dark blue and grey, you can match with greys and duck-egg as they bridge the colour gap.  Check out our Pinterest and Instagram for tile matching ideas!

How do I choose a tile?

The most important thing to remember here is that if it is for yourself, choose what YOU want. Too often we get customers who end up choosing a ‘safe’ option which they do not necessarily love, simply because they are worried about fashions and potential future house buyers. However, remember that at this moment in time you’re the one spending money on your home - you need to choose what you really love! Do not worry – we do not expect you to come in with the knowledge of exactly what you want. We are on-hand to offer ideas, options and advice on your projects – taking (the majority of) the stress out of the process for you.

We offer an entirely free Interior Design Service where we can help you not only in choosing your tiles, but also in matching all of your elements together in creating a truly wonderful design! Do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiries:

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