Tile Cladding For Walls

‘Cladding’ is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer. In construction, cladding is used to provide some thermal insulation and weather resistance, as well as to improve the aesthetics of buildings.


A ventilated façade is a construction method whereby a physical separation is created between the outside of the façade and the interior wall of the building. This separation creates an open cavity allowing the exchange of the air contained between the wall and the outer cladding.


There are many options of cladding materials on the market to suit different needs and styles, such as woods, metals and bricks, but porcelain has become a popular choice amongst architects around the globe. 


Here are the facts about porcelain ventilated facades!


UV Resistant - Porcelain is resistant to UV rays meaning its appearance and colour will not be affected.


Weather Resistant - Porcelain is heat and frost resistant, making it a durable option for both hot and cold climates.


Waterproof - The air cavity means that water will not be able to penetrate through to the internal wall.


Energy Saving – The enhanced thermoregulation aids in making buildings more energy efficient.


Internal heat flow: Laying insulation on the exterior part of the wall and the floor structure prevents thermal bridges across the entire façade. Heat loss towards the outside in winter is blocked, as is the heat coming from the outside in summer, resulting in energy savings of between 15% and 35%, both in terms of heating and air conditioning.


External heat flow: In addition, laying insulation on the exterior part of the wall and the floor structure provides the building with greater thermal mass. This increases the building’s thermal inertia, thus generating significant energy savings and producing a more comfortable ambience . The wall tile acts as a screen, reflecting a great deal of the solar radiation and preventing it from entering the building.

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