Wood Effect Tiles

Wood Effect Tiles.

Our wood effects are made from porcelain – that means they can be used internally and externally on floors and walls. Wood effects are also available in our large-format range Coverlam, which can also be used for cladding and fabrications. 

Where can I use them?

Our wood effects are made from porcelain – that means they can be used internally and externally on floors and walls. Wood effects are also available in our large-format range Coverlam, which can also be used for cladding and fabrications.

Our customers have used wood effect tiles in bathrooms to add some warmth, bedrooms to create cosiness, home offices, open plan floors to create space, and as indoor-outdoor flooring for kitchens and patios.

You can get extra creative with wood effect tiles by using them as window ledges, step treads, and fabricated desks, tables and planters.


The question everyone is asking about wood effect tiles is “why would I choose ‘wood effect’ when I could have real wood?”

We aren’t going to write up a ‘versus’ fight list between tiles and real hardwood as they are completely different products – but we will give you a list of benefits and constraints to choosing wood effect tiles:

The Benefits of Porcelain Wood Effect Tiles

They are Durable – porcelain is the most durable flooring material.

They Don’t Scratch – the only thing that will scratch them is, ironically, porcelain.

They are Stain and Chemical Resistant – aka low maintenance! You can drop red wine, spill oils and bleach them without compromising the tile quality.


They are Water and Heat Resistant – making them great choices for bathrooms, hallways, and fire surrounds/hearths.

There are More Options – because of today’s incredible technology, we can buy wood effect tiles that mimic real wood as well as other stylish options such as a distressed/reclaimed look, a whitewash effect and even patterned options.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable – porcelain is environmentally friendly to manufacture and its raw materials are recyclable. Clay, flint and silica are natural products and are sustainable.

They are UV Resistant – meaning the colour does not fade, whilst providing the option of continuous indoor-outdoor flooring for modern, open-plan designs.

The Constraints of Porcelain Wood Effect Tiles

They are Durable – yes, you did just read this same point above! However, whilst such a hardwearing material is great, you must be aware that items dropped onto a porcelain floor (such as glass) will break – but the tile will remain scratch-free!

They are Hard Underfoot – porcelain is a hard surface. If you suffer from a leg/hip/joint problem, which prevents you from spending prolonged periods of time on a hard floor surface, porcelain may not be the best option for you.

They are Cold – but that is where under floor heating helps! Not only does it provide warmth, it means more wall space as you no longer need radiators and it is an affordable luxury.

What shapes and sizes do wood effect tiles come in?

We actually have a number of shapes and sizes of wood effect tiles available, to suit any size or style of room/building:

Planks: The most popular choice! We have a huge selection of wood effect planks, varying in sizes from 150x800mm to 400x1200mm. They also come in an array of colours and styles, to suit even the most specific of designs.

If you are looking for something subtle then our Interni and Integra ranges are perfect for you (used by a real customer to create a Scandi bathroom).


If you want something to look like real wood, you need to see tiles from our Vancouver, Sherwood, Patagonia and Woodwood collections.


If you want something more rustic then Cava and Rioja are the ranges you need (used by real customers in bathrooms in Southern England and a French Chateau).

These can be laid in multiple different ways, the most common being stacked, herringbone, parquet and 3rd bond. This last one is the correct method of staggering wood planks – do not brick bond wood effect planks! Instead, stagger at one-third of the plank.

Check out our Extrem range – anti-slip (R12 rating) decking-style wood effect planks, which are perfect for outdoor use!

Squares and Rectangles: Our 80x80cm wood effect range Home really is a show-stopper. We say this because when we take it to shows, visitors are instantly drawn to it! It is available in 4 colours: Fresno (Ash), Roble (Oak), Nogal (Walnut) and Wegnue (Wenge). It is a wonderful choice for flooring, particularly for entrance halls. We also have a range called Atmosfera (available in 3 colours) featuring 45 x 90cm and 61 x 61cm tiles

Chevrons: In our showrooms we have three different choices when it comes to chevron wood effect tiles.

The first two, Sajonia Chevron and Rioja Chevron, are 45x90cm tiles with a printed chevron pattern. The colours of Sajonia Chevron match those of Home (mentioned above) – there are 2 different colour options of Nogal or Wengue.  Rioja Chevron hosts 6 different colour options and boasts a rustic, dishevelled look.

The third chevron option is a range of short, diagonally cut planks (measuring 11.6x54.3cm), which are to be laid in a chevron pattern.

Coverlam: Our ultra-thin, large-format porcelain range includes a wood effect collection called Irati (named after the Spanish Irati Forest, which is one of Europe’s best preserved forests).

There are 7 colour options: Nogal (Walnut), Encina (Holm Oak), Abeto (Fir), Fresno (Ash), Roble (Oak) and Castano (Brown).


All of these colours are available in two different sizes: 1000x3000x3.5mm or 195x1800x5.6mm.


Mosaics: Mosaics are definitely becoming very tired and dated. However, thanks to new technology and fresh ideas, we can offer some truly beautiful wood effect mosaics in 3 different looks! We have Cava Reserva (30 x 30cm sheets) which is a distressed wood effect, Sajonia Parque (30 x 30cm sheets) which is a mosaic in a parquet layout and Sajonia Tricot (30 x 30cm sheets). All of these have 5 colour options.

How do I choose a wood effect tile? 

We offer an entirely free Interior Design Service where we can help you not only in choosing your tiles, but also in matching all of your elements together in creating a truly wonderful design! Do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiries: info@lafabrico.com

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