under tile heating

Underfloor heating installation made easy

ThermoSphere Mesh is fully self-adhesive which speeds up installation making it easier for self-levelling and tile fixing.

Simply roll out the Mesh in a run to fit the space you are heating and then cut and turn (the mesh, not the wire) to turn a corner and start a new run.

Enhance & maximise your living space

The beauty of electric underfloor heating is that it allows you to claim back your precious wall space which your radiators have previously stolen.

At only 3.5mm thick, all you'll ever notice from it is the superior levels of warmth and comfort you now have, that you perhaps didn't have before.

Compatible with every floor finish

ThermoSphere Mesh can be installed in any living space (even in wet rooms!) and under almost any floor finish when installed with the appropriate accessories.

The true early adopter in underfloor heating

It's subjection to our commitment to continuous improvement and unique position as a UK based manufacturer, our Mesh system has debuted features which have been adopted by many of the prominent brands in the electric underfloor heating industry.

Protection and reliability throughout

The unique, twin twisted stress free cable construction creates a longer lasting cable with zero electromagnetic field.

Not only this but the Mesh is installed wire-side-down (again, unique) which means the heating cable is protected from potential damage during installation by the hard wearing mesh layer.

Guaranteed for a lifetime

As with our Membrane & Foil solution, in the unlikelihood that you do experience a problem with our membrane floor heating solution, don't worry, you can relax knowing that each installation is covered by a lifetime guarantee.


Inspired since it’s inception, ThermoSphere Mesh has been at the forefront of product innovation, it was in fact the first electric underfloor heating mesh system to feature a fully self-adhesive element.

It was also the first mesh system to introduce a 200W per metre square output capability. Not only that, but it was first in it’s class again to feature a twisted double core heating cable, designed to reduce stress on the cable – to which it remains the only one in the market, today.

ThermoSphere Mesh really is British innovation at it’s finest, and electric underfloor heating too.

EcoDesign Compliant

Great news! We're totally compliant and so are you when you use, specify and install our electric underfloor heating and thermostats.

What is Lot 20? In a nut-shell, the Lot 20 EcoDesign directive helps you save energy and money by introducing a standard for energy efficiency for electric heating system and other products in the home. The directive came into force in January 2018 and you can relax knowing our solutions are 100% compliant!