View our stunning collection of extra large floor and wall tiles from Spain and Italy. Our main suppliers being Grespaina Coverlam and Marazzi Grande who Manufacture these amazing tiles. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or updating your kitchen, this stylish and practical tile type can transform any room and add bags of character to your home aesthetic. There are so many benefits when using extra large floor tiles to create a gorgeous appearance, which is why they’re so popular with interior designers and architects.

Create the illusion of space

A small space in your home can feel cramped or claustrophobic. One way to combat this is by using extra large floor or wall tiles to create the illusion of more space. By using Large tiles means less number of grout joints between the tiles, the room will instantly feel less cluttered and more airy.

The South West Largeset Suppliers of Large Format Xl Large Tiles.

Endless Possibilities with XL Large Tiles

With the smallest tile measuring in at a very slimline thickness of 3.5mm, the lightness and versatility of the 100% recyclable Grespania Coverlam and Marazzi Grande tiles makes them a popular choice for architectural and construction projects. Offering innovation in the field of interior design, the compact nature of these tiles is paired with the mechanical and aesthetic properties of porcelain. Grespania and Marazzi wall tiles and floor tiles alike can withstand the demand of long and heavy traffic, so why not utilise them as bathroom tiles, or kitchen ones? The durability, large size and reliability further proves their suitability not only to domestic homes, but to public establishments such as restaurants, bars and hospitals too, where no day feels like respite.

Large format tiles for flooring is fashionable and functional, La Fabrico Tile Showroom shows the largest collection in the South West.

Aside from possessing the ability to transform the interior or exterior of any space, true beauty can also be found within the efficiency of Grespania Coverlam or Marazzi Grande tiles. With no need to remove existing décor prior to applying these tiles, installation times and costs are kept to a minimum.

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Marazzi Grande Tiles

Marazzi Grande XL Large Format Thin Tiles

Marazzi is the tile industry's best known brand in Italy. Present in more than140 countries, it is universally recognised as synonymous with quality ceramic tiles, and symbolises the best of
Italian style and manufacturing in the interior decoration and design sector.
Marazzi was founded in 1935 at Sassuolo, in what was to become the top international hub for the creation of state-of-the-art, high-end ceramic tiles, which has grown together with the company over the decades.

Grespania Coverlam Tiles

Grespania Coverlam XL Large Format Thin Tiles

Grespania have continued their success as a global market leader for the past 40 years with their recent innovation, Grespania Coverlam tiles. This revolutionary, large format tiling range was launched in 2010 following years of extensive research and development concerning lamination process technology. State of the art technology and processes for the efficient production of the porcelain that is central to Grespania tiles, allowing these uniquely giant-size laminated tiles to be produced as normal.

COVERLAM is the result of years of research and development. Thanks to the introduction of lamination pressing technology, it is now possible to produce a 1200x3600 Mm, 1620X3240 MM, 1000x3000 Mm, 1200x2600 Mm porcelain tile which may be as little as 3.5mm thick, while still maintaining the mechanical and aesthetic properties characteristic of porcelain tile. This broadens the scope of porcelain, offering great potential for innovation in the fields of construction and interior design.

TECHLAM® Extra Large Format Tiles

TECHLAM® Extra Large Format Tiles

LEVANTINA presents Techlam®, the new porcelain tile that, due to its large format and minimal thickness, is revolutionising the interior design and architectural sectors. We offer new colours and textures that can transform any atmosphere into a world of extreme beauty.

ABK Grande Tiles

ABK XL Large Format Thin Tiles

ABK was established in 1992 as a ceramics manufacturer specialising in wall tiles. Thanks to a series of strategic, carefully targeted acquisitions, the ABK brand now also stands out in the manufacture of porcelain stoneware floor tiles, offering clearly identifiable products whose aesthetics and quality do not just meet market trends, they often set them. Nowadays, the company is recognised worldwide as a leader in Italian ceramics whose corporate philosophy has quality and service at its core. This is possible thanks to the two major industrial facilities, equipped with specialised production technology, located in and Solignano, which work in synergy with the logistics hub in Fiorano Modenese.