Grande Marble Look

The Large Size

In the age of the digital reproducibility of nature, the veining and subtle shade variations of the choicest marbles are given new life with greater clarity and sustainability than the original. From Verde Aver from Val d’Aosta to Calacatta Vena Vecchia from Tuscany, from Grigio Carnico to the exotic Sahara Noir, new inspirations now join the classical marbles of the Marble Look collection, alongside fresh interpretations of Venetian Terrazzo.
Marazzi is the tile industry's best known brand. Present in more than140 countries, it is universally recognised as synonymous with quality ceramic tiles, and symbolises the best of Italian style and manufacturing in the interior decoration and design sector.
Marazzi was foundedin 1935 at Sassuolo, in what was to become the top international hub for the creation of state-of-the-art, high-end ceramic tiles, which has grown together with the company over the decades.

Marble, stone, concrete, metals and colour; infinite inspiration.
Grande by Marazzi now includes new surfaces inspired by the most
exquisite marbles, the tactile personality of concrete or the mineral allure
of metals, the outcome of the latest materials research and experimentation.

Grande gets bigger: new sizes, new thickness and new surfaces, for the Marazzi porcelain stoneware slab collection that extends design and personalisation potentials with a range of amazingly ductile, versatile, resistant materials.‎

Iridescent metal look surfaces, satiny and glossy rare stones and marbles and solid colours in the new sizes, 160x320 cm x 6 mm thickness and 162x324 cm x 12 mm thickness.‎

Grande 2018 opens the way to original compositional opportunities, for creating seamless or discontinuous visual effects on horizontal and vertical flat surfaces, furnishings, bathroom and kitchen counters, worktops, architectural facades, for indoor and outdoor solutions and for an ever-richer range of

tailor made options.‎

New marbles, new surfaces, new dimensions for Grande Marble Look.‎ The collection is enriched by the interpretations of the rarest marbles such as Capraia and Calacatta Extra.‎ Thanks to Grande Marble Look, the marble effect becomes even greater seductive power, opening the way to projects of ambitious size and status and infinite tailor made solutions thanks to the extra large sizes:

160x320 and 162x324 cm and the new thickness 12 mm.‎