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Artic Gris Large Coverlam Tile

Artic Gris Large Coverlam Tile


Grespania Coverlam Large tiles wall and floor tiles for bathroom tiles kitchen tiles

Name Of Tile Coverlam Collection: Artic Gris Large Coverlam Tile

Tile Finish: Polished

Tile Type: Porcelain Tile

Use: Wall and Floor Tiling

Areas in the home: Kitchen, Bathroom, Hallway, Utility, Exterior cladding and more

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Size Of Tile: 

  • 80rc31p artic gris 1200×3600 rgb

    Artic Gris 1200x3600x5.6mm

    80RC31P (75-50) 
    glossyshade variation-mediumrectifiedthickness-6mm
  • 78rc37p artic gris 1200×2600 rgb

    Artic Gris 1200x2600x5.6mm

    78RC37P (60-65) 
    glossyshade variation-mediumrectifiedthickness-6mm
  • 80rc33p artic gris 1200×1200 rgb

    Artic Gris 1200x1200x5.6mm

    80RC33P (93-75) 
    glossyshade variation-mediumrectifiedthickness-6mm
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COVERLAM is a range of innovative tiles made of natural raw materials, with mechanical properties and a visual appeal superior to those of any conventional tile covering material.

Coverlam tile by Spanish producers Grespania is the outcome of years of R&D designed for wall and floor coverings. Thanks to the tile development of laminate pressing technology, porcelain tiles in a 1200x3600mm, 1620x3240mm, 1000x3000mm or 1200x2600mm format and slimmer thickness of even 3.5 mm can be made, maintaining all the tile mechanical properties and visual appeal synonymous with porcelain tiles. In this way, new applications have been opened up for porcelain tile materials, offering huge potential for innovating in building and interior design, bathroom wall and floor tiles and large floor areas for any room.

Grespania Coverlam thin tile

Coverlam tiles is great for bathroom walls and floors as they are so large, there would be less grout joints, manufactured in sizes of up to 1200x3600 mm and sold in various different formats, created by cutting down this format into smaller ones. 1000 x 1000, 500 x 1000, 1200 x 1200, 600 x 1200 mm In the case of its 3.5mm, 10.5mm and 12mm-thick models, the Coverlam porcelain tile is mounted on a 0.5mm-thick fibreglass mesh backing to give it a much higher mechanical resistance. Large thin wood effect tiles are now being produced as long as 1800 mm.


Grespania Coverlam Tile Size



Founded in 1976, Grespania have continued their success as a global market leader for the past 40 years with their recent innovation, Grespania Coverlam tiles. This revolutionary, large format tiling range was launched in 2010 following years of extensive research and development concerning lamination process technology. Three factories are equipped with such state of the art technology and processes for the efficient production of the porcelain that is central to Grespania tiles, allowing these uniquely giant-size laminated tiles to be produced as normal, with a slight twist – being reinforced with a 0.5mm glass fibre mesh gives these tiles an incredible strength and durability.

Endless Possibilities with Grespania Tiles

With the smallest tile measuring in at a very slimline thickness of 3.5mm, the lightness and versatility of the 100% recyclable Grespania Coverlam tiles makes them a popular choice for architectural and construction projects, like bathrooms tiles, the whole tiled floor area of homes or commercial properties or external cladding. Offering innovation in the field of interior design, the compact nature of these tiles is paired with the mechanical and aesthetic properties of porcelain. Grespania floor tiles and wall tiles alike can with stand the demand of long and heavy traffic, so why not utilise them as bathroom tiles, or kitchen ones? The durability, large size and reliability further proves their suitability not only to domestic homes, but to public establishments such as restaurants, bars and hospitals too, where no day feels like respite.

For flooring that is fashionable and functional, La Fabrico Tile Showroom shows a range of Grespania tiles that comprise varying specifics; from neutral, earthy hues and natural stone mix textures, to finishes and sizes, there is sure to be an effect for you

Aside from possessing the ability to transform the interior or exterior of any tiled space, true beauty can also be found within the efficiency of Grespania Coverlam tiles. With no need to remove existing tiles prior to applying these tiles, installation times and costs are kept to a minimum.

If you like what you see within our range of large format Grespania Coverlam tiles for floors and walls and would like to know more about them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. 



Resists wear:

Porcelain tiles are highly resistant to wear. That’s because porcelain tiles are fired with a higher temperature when made. It’s more uniform in construction and tends to be harder and thicker overall than most other tile varieties. Porcelain tile floors are known to last for years, and they are a great choice for all floors because of just how durable they are over time. If your looking for flooring that will hold up to children, pets and general family life or commercial high foot traffic, then Porcelain tiles are for you. Porcelain tiles are commonly used to cover wall and floors, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent The clay used to build porcelain tiles is generally denser. They can either be glazed or unglazed. Porcelain tiles are one type of vitrified tiles and are sometimes referred to as porcelain vitrified tiles.


Low Maintenance:

Maintaining flooring can be really intensive when you have something like traditional wood flooring or natural stone. Porcelain tiles look great and they’re tough, they are so simple to maintain. They don’t require any special sealing to keep out water or stains. Porcelain tile floors are simple to clean and water wipes right off them without causing any real damage. That’s why a porcelain tile is used heavily in kitchen floors, Bathroom walls and floors, hallway floors and more, porcelain tiles are now also being used outside if the correct tile installation is used. Please ask us for more information regarding tilling installation.  


Excellent for high traffic use:

Porcelain tile floors are perfect for high traffic environments, which makes them so desirable for commercial use. This flooring is highly resistant to wear, scratching and breakage.


Latest Tile Trends:

Our tiles are produced by Italian and Spanish manufacturers and are renowned for the best quality and finish to date. We are always at the forefront of the tile design industry and always pride ourselves on having the latest tile trends.


Where do our tiles come from? 

We deal direct with Spanish and Italian tile manufactures. Our main suppliers being: Grespania (Spanish), Saloni (Spanish) and Marazzi (Italian).


Which colour or shade is best for floor tiles?


We know that when it comes to interior design, the final feel is just as important as function – and colour plays a key part in the overall design of a room.

From finding the perfect shade for your kitchen to switching up hues in the living room, Our friendly and knowledgeable tile designers at La Fabrico can help guide you with these struggling tile decisions.

Below are a couple of helpful pointers:


Grey: For a modern, neutral finish with added warmth, grey floor tiles will add some class to your home. From gorgeous greys to sparkling silver floor tiles, you can bring a touch of luxury to even the most neutrally designed spaces – from the kitchen to the bathroom and every room in between.


White: To create a spacious aesthetic in even the smallest rooms, large white floor tiles can be used to open up living areas, kitchens and bathrooms. By incorporating these floor tiles into your home, you’ll create a blank canvas upon which you can build the room’s overall aesthetic – leaving you with a pristine, minimalist space that allows you to add pops of colour as you see fit.


Where to use this tile:

Bathroom Walls, Bathroom Floors, Kitchen Floors, Conservatory floors, Hallway floors, swimming pools, patios, commercial floors, Utility floors, gyms and sporting complexes, schools and shops, garage floors, factory floors and more.


Which is better porcelain or ceramic tile?


Durability of Porcelain is better: The density of porcelain tile makes it more stronger and durable than ceramic tiles, while being less subject to wear. This makes it more suitable for commercial use as well as in the home with also having water resistance: Porcelain tile is almost impervious to water compared to ceramic tile.


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Our Tile Service.


Book a free measuring service, ask us for a free tile sample, ask us how to install a tile, book your free tile design consultation in one of our tile shops, we are always happy to help. 

Artic Gris Large Coverlam Tile
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