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Engineered Wood & LTV
Wood Flooring & LVTWood Flooring & LVT Tile shops based in Devon or Somerset Contact us today Exeter tile showroom or our Chard tile Showroom

We work directly with Boan Engineered wood Flooring.

You can download the latest Boan brochure here or view the rest of the range below.

We work directly with Ker Lux LVT Flooring.

You can download the latest Kerlux brochure here or view the rest of the range below.

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WHAT IS SPC? Kerlux?

SPC is a new type of vinyl flooring with advanced mechanical properties.

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) has a much stronger, more rigid core than traditional vinyl flooring as it only contains 30% PVC with the other 70% made up of minerals.

Due to the high density of its core, the impact resistance of SPC is superior to that of traditional vinyl flooring, making it the best option for high traffic areas.

Thanks to its mineral composition, SPC is a material that, unlike traditional vinyl floors, can be installed near windows without risk of expansion caused by temperature changes.


Wear layer

Protects the design from abrasion caused by foot traffic. It is treated to filter ultraviolet rays and prevent the deterioration of the design of the product.

Decorative layer

Printed using the most advanced digital printing technology, this is the layer that contains the graphic finish of the material.


This high-density layer endows the material with dimensional stability and rigidity.

Acoustic layer

This dampening layer made of IXPE, improves the acoustic absorption of the material by up to 18dB.

Click system

To enable quick and easy installation.


Kerlux has an exclusive smooth top layer that is not only incredibly comfortable for walking on but also absorbs noise. Its exclusive top layer dampens the sound of footfall by up to 18 dB, which makes it 50% quieter than other LVT floors.

Barefoot or not, the sound-absorbent qualities of KERLUX are synonymous with quieter steps and a more pleasant acoustic experience.


Thanks to its acoustic layer and its click installation system, Kerlux requires very little preparation of the base floor and can hide any irregularities or minor imperfections therein, while offering a quick, simple and clean installation solution.

Its rigid core also prevents these irregularities commonly found in older or damaged floors from emerging to the surface.


As Kerlux is a non-porous material with a practically watertight installation system, it is highly moisture resistant, making it the ideal option for the bathroom.


The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where floors suffer most, from accidental spills of food and drinks to the regular traffic it tends to receive. KERLUX is easy to clean and wear resistant, making it the best option to meet the hygiene and cleaning needs of a room as important as the kitchen.


The rigidity of its core and the resistance of its protective top layer makes Kerlux the ideal solution for commercial spaces such as retail stores, hotels, hospitals or other high-traffic areas.

Thanks to its unique composition, Kerlux can be walked on without the usual wear marks that affect wood appearing on its surface
Exeter: 01392 848487
Somerset: 01460 68126

We work directly with Karndean Palio Express LVT Flooring.

You can download the latest Karndean Palio Express LVT Flooring brochure here or view the rest of the range below.

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Why Choose Our Wood Flooring?

It is not only a floor!

It is the biggest piece of furniture in the room - that most of the time you are in contact with walking from room to room. From light to dark, we have a variety of colours for you to choose from.

We have 3-layer or 2-layer parquet with a wide selection of widths and formats, for the most exclusive rooms, to the economy friendly – we have the floors that are suitable for you. Some types of wood have a relatively calm grain. Others, like oak, are rich in variety in structure, with a spectrum from calm to rustic for you to choose from.

Surface treatment and the different brushing technique emphasises the character of the wood from the very visual to a tactile experience.
Make your rooms look bigger and create a coherent connection through the whole house, and select wood flooring, skirtings, and stairs in the same material and colour. View the full engineered wood collection in our Exeter, Devon Showroom.

True Tree Sustainability

Before the tree reaches its natural end of life and has to be felled the tree is given a “second life” by being turned into a beautiful wooden floor for your home, a new generation of saplings are planted at the same time.

When your floor comes to its natural end of life in many years to come it can be recycled completing the sustainability circle.
Exeter: 01392 848487
Somerset: 01460 68126
Italian wood Effect Tiles From Italian Tile factories Marazzi, Refin, Emil and more. 

Engineered Wood And Underfloor Heating.

BOEN hardwood floors and underfloor heating? No problem!

Hardwood flooring and underfloor heating – do they even go together? Experience tells us that they do, and it can even have advantages. The room climate for underfloor heating is in general more stable than in rooms with radiators.

The thermal resistance of hardwood floors are low, meaning that heat transfer is hardly hindered. Hardwood flooring placed on underfloor heating is also cost-effective. What must be taken into account is that woods such as beech, maple and jatoba are more prone to form gaps than e.g. oak.

It is important therefore to ensure the right room climate is achieved. We recommend that hardwood floors should be permanently adhered to underfloor heating. This means that you will have a permanently stable floor under your feet. View the full engineered wood collection in our Exeter, Devon Showroom.

Underfloor heating

Hardwood has high thermal conductivity and is ideally suited to laying on underflor heating.

Please note the following:
Hardwood floors fully adhered to the subsurface ensure better heat transfer.
Maximum output of underfloor heating system is 60 W/m2.
Temperature of substructure at 29°C (27°C in the Scandinavian countries)
Relative humidity 30-65%

Be aware of the fact that rugs with a rubbered backside will have an insulating effect and prevent an even heat flow. Rugs will also affect UV-lighting.

Climatic Conditions

Wood is a living material that is affected by the environment.

The moisture content is controlled by the air’s relative humidity (RH), which is the ratio of “dry” and “wet” temperature.

In specific countries, the climate varies considerably from summer to winter. This is also the case indoors, especially during the heating season. The relative humidity during very cold periods can be as low as 10 to 15%. In public buildings (offices, etc.) or passive houses where there are stringent ventilation requirements, the relative humidity can be as low as 10%.

BOEN flooring withstands a relative humidity of 30-65% at a temperature of 18°C. All interior woodwork dries to the equivalent humidity of the surrounding air, causing shrinkage and the formation of cracks. It is therefore of great advantage to supply moisture to the air, for example by using a humidifier. Both humans and plants will feel more comfortable.

View the full engineered wood collection in our Exeter, Devon Showroom.

For more information please contact us or your installer.
Exeter: 01392 848487
Somerset: 01460 68126
Wood Flooring & LVTWood Flooring & LVT Tile shops based in Devon or Somerset Contact us today Exeter tile showroom or our Chard tile Showroom

Care and Maintenance

Our engineered wood floors are easy to keep clean and beautiful like day one.

You just need to be aware of some small things. Learn how to take care of your hardwood floor, it will repay you for a lifetime. Depending on how much strain your hardwood floor is placed under, it is subject to natural wear and tear. Marks of use on the surface can also occur on hardwood and high-quality surface treatments over the long term. This is why we recommend preventative measures and regular care. Ask our experts for advise.

Tips for a beautiful hardwood floor:

Stop dirt at the doorstep: use doormats and runners at the entrance as dirt and sand can act like sandpaper. We recommend removing your shoes at the entrance.
Avoid scratches and scrapes: felt gliders underneath table and chair legs prevent scratches. For chairs with rollers, the use of a suitable chair underlay is advisable.
Keep the floor clean: vacuum up dust regularly. Any moisture should be wiped up immediately to prevent it being absorbed by the wood.
For more information, keep reading our Maintenance articles, or download our "Cleaning and Maintenance" brochure.

Some good general cleaning rules

1. Lacquered wood floors should be cleaned with synthetic cleaner (with no grease content) whereas oiled floors should be cleaned with soap (containing grease).
2. Never pour water onto your hardwood flooring as the wood might swell and damage the floor.
3. With regular use, a cleaning agent acts as a natural moisturising agent and the floor surface will become more resistant to soiling and the appearance of water and tear.
Exeter: 01392 848487
Somerset: 01460 68126