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Grespania And Coverlam Large Spanish Tiles

Grespania Spanish Tiles

Grespania is an international ceramic manufacturing company, producing collections which boast both innovative technical properties as well as innovative cutting edge designs. A combination of ongoing investment in further improving the manufacturing process, continual adaption to latest advances in design, and a permanent concern for the ‘good of the environment’ have all helped ‘stamp’ the Grespania brand as a global market leader for the past years.

The possibilities within the Grespania product Spanish tiles are endless: from ideas for those seeking a touch of personality and unique style for their homes, to technical solutions for professionals involved in the most exciting building projects.

Grespania has three factories all equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced processes for the production of porcelain floor tiles, white body wall tiles and large format porcelain slabs up to 120x360 in size in varying thicknesses as well as slabs in 10.5 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm thickness ideal for kitchen worktops, tables and wardrobes.
In addition to its production facilities, Grespania has two service centres in Santiago de Compostela, Granada, Barcelona and Madrid in Spain. The company also has 5 subsidiaries companies serving as distribution hubs in strategic European countries: France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, UK, USA and Asia.

Grespania Coverlam Spanish Tiles

Coverlam Tiles are 3.5 or 5.6 mm thick / Coverlam Top / Coverlamtop is 12mm or 20 mm Thick

Coverlam was born in response to the growing market need for large-format technical tiles without sacrificing high resistance and durability properties. The design of large tiles with thicknesses of 3.5 mm and 5.6 mm represented a true revolution in the world of architecture and interior design, which have found in Coverlam's large-format technical stones the perfect allies to create and execute impressive projects.

Coverlam Top has continued to develop its offerings of large-format technical stones by adding new exclusive thicknesses for countertops to its catalog, including 10.5 mm, 12 mm, and 20 mm. In this regard, the increase in thickness of the pieces exponentially enhances their resistance, making it a very interesting option for kitchen countertops and surfaces that require an extra level of durability.

Grespania And Coverlam Large Spanish Wall And Floor Tiles

We work directly with Grespania Tile Factory.

  • Grespania And Coverlam Large Spanish Tiles
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Marazzi Italian tiles

Marazzi Italian Tiles


Italian Tile Company Marazzi

Tunnel kilns in the ’50s, single-firing in the ’70s and glazing on an incandescent substrate in the ’80s are just some of the revolutions that have shaped a success story based on continuous research and development. The Italian tile company’s expertise, low environmental impact and protection of people and the local area make Marazzi an international point of reference.

Todays  Italian Tiles new technological patents and highly sophisticated plants allow the company to rapidly respond to the trends of the various markets, guaranteeing productivity, quality and flexibility.

StepWise Italian Tiles are the new production process used to create products with a high level of slip resistance and a surface that is soft to the touch and easy to clean, since it has no superficial roughness. Working on all industrial stages, from research on raw materials and glazes to the type of grinding, pressing and firing, StepWise represents an intrinsic characteristic of the product that remains unchanged over time.

3D Ink Technology is the latest evolution of the digital technologies to Italian tiles, applied to porcelain stoneware perfected in the Marazzi labs. Perfectly matching 3D structures and patterns, different in every single piece, give surfaces volume and textural realism thanks to an advanced system that combines optical recognition and precision printing for a unique texture and design.

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Marazzi Italian Wall And Floor Tiles

We work directly with Marazzi Italian Tile Factory.

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refin Italian tiles

Refin Italian Tiles

Italian Tile Company: Refin Italian Tiles

Innovative tile company

Ceramiche Refin has been a presence on the international market since 1962 with a broad range of porcelain stoneware solutions for residential and project-planning destinations. Refin is part of the Gruppo Concorde, a leading ceramic group at global level.

Strong values for a forward-thinking company.

The constant commitment towards aesthetic research and technological innovation has seen the company achieve product and production excellence, thus becoming more and more competitive. Refin designs and produces porcelain stoneware in-house and only in Italy, running a company that is based on the pursuit of quality and on respecting the Environment.

Refin Italian Wall And Floor Tiles

We work directly with Refin Italian Tile Factory.

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Italian Tiles: Del Conca Wall and Floor Tiles

Del Conca Italian Tiles

Italian Tile Company Del Conca

Natural and design textures, strength, an environmentally sustainable production process and Italian styling and manufacture: all combined in the Ceramica del Conca Italian porcelain tiles. Elegant and original, every collection is offered with unusual colours and combinations, giving us fresh, exciting options for covering the spaces we use every day.

Every tile is an exquisite reinterpretation of the trendiest natural surfaces. Luxurious marble stars in Premiere and Boutique; evocative stone is the focus of Nesting, Stone Edition, Wild, Lavaredo, Stelvio, Gardena, Climb, Nat and Rockstar; Timeline offers the trendiest concrete; the timeless warmth of wood is to the fore in Nabi, Burma, St. Regis, Foreste d’Italia and Monteverde; and Alchimia provides a contemporary metal look.

For floors the collections include an array of finishes inspired by the earthy colours of nature, expressing a mood of harmony and peace. For wall tiles, the individual collections offer a wide choice of small and large sizes and the wallpaper effect, all in porcelain stoneware. From geometrical to floral motifs and from the jungle theme to glossy brickwork patterns, bright and colourful for young, trendy interior designs with Italian tiles.

Large and small sizes, maxi-slabs and extra-thick tiles, matt colours and glossy surfaces: all the porcelain stoneware floor and wall tile collections in this section are produced in a wide assortment of colours, including contrasting shades that help to define the unique character of a brand dedicated to research and innovation.

The stylistic solutions offered in the various floor and wall tile collections play a vital role in the success of the entire project.

Italian Tiles: Del Conca Wall and Floor Tiles

Emil Italian Tiles


Italian Tile Company Emil Group

Since its foundation in 1961, Emilgroup has been a leading company in ceramic surfaces industry

From its headquarters in Italy, it designs, develops, manufactures and distributes ceramic tiles for four commercial brands: Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza and Viva.

Emilgroup owns production plants in Italy with a capacity of over 9 million square meters per year. It produces more than 6,500 items that are distributed worldwide through sales offices and warehouses located in Italy, United States, Russia, Germany, India and Hong Kong.

Emilgroup has a logistics organization geared to respond immediately to the needs of the global market; its skilled team has a market oriented approach, it provides tailor made solutions from design to tiles installation.
Production and process innovation are strategic keys that guide investments.
An internal R&D department operates as a “creative workshop” where ideas and experiences are combined with the latest technologies. This alchemy allows Emilgroup to create collections that leave their mark each and every year.

Emil Brands: Emil ceramica, Ergon, Provenza, Viva, Level.

Emil Italian Wall And Floor Tiles

We work directly with Emil Italian Tile Factory.

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Luxurious wall and floor tiles sourced from Italy and Spain. Exeter Showroom Exeter Tile Shop.

Saloni Spanish Tiles

Saloni Spanish Tiles

Cerámica Saloni was founded in 1971 with a clear idea: to provide consumers with the products they needed. And to achieve this, we adapt to the needs of each client, offering personalized attention, following the latest market trends and constantly innovating to improve a little more every day.

Since 2019, Saloni has been part of the Victoria PLC Group, an international group that manufactures and distributes innovative flooring products. The Group designs, manufactures and distributes a range of carpets, ceramic and porcelain tiles, bases, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles), artificial grass and flooring accessories aimed at the mid-high segment of the market.

Verona uk Tile Distributor Tiles UK

Verona uk Tile Distributor Tiles UK

Verona uk Tile Distributor Tiles UK

Proud to have grown to become one of the UK’s leading distributor of tiles, mosaics, outdoor porcelain and flooring since we were founded as The Mosaic Tile Company in 2001.

We have a large range of on-trend products at competitive prices that are carefully chosen by our experienced team with the UK consumer in mind.  We source these products from our dedicated manufacturing partners all around the world to ensure we are delivering you the best quality available so that you can do the same for your customers.

With a Yorkshire based distribution centre that is 120,000 square feet, we have a large UK stock holding, short lead times and can cater for everything from single independent retail outlets to large scale commercial or residential projects.

We are a friendly and knowledgeable team that is passionate about our business and our customers, with a flexible ‘can do’ attitude. Our vision is to continually evolve our product offering, delivering stylish, innovative ranges that never compromise on quality, supported by an excellent level of service and customer support as well as the best in marketing and merchandising support that the industry has to offer.

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